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AQ4 Tango

Delivery App

TANGO : A delivery app for STEER

• a convenient driver app that enables paperless delivery for all your orders
• it can be integrated with you own branding
• real time order delivery through mobile app
• actual delivery and pick up time are submited to STEER system
• Store can receive and sign on glass for confirmation
• no more chasing paper work as ePODs are available on STEER
• ad-hoc changes handled in real-time
• works both on online and offline mode

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AQ4 is highly experienced in product development. Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. Our focus for 2021 is in Supply Chain have a great set of products build around it. We are also specialized in Data science and bringing technology together.

For our customers at early state of product development life cycle rely on our product engineering expertise. AQ4 also offers end to end support to ISV’s in building a robust product. With our deep consulting and technical expertise, we are trusted partners for platform development, client specific product enhancements and development projects. Our services also cover the post development maintenance and support.

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