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AQ4 Company

About Company

Making Technology Work! AI. BI. Product Engineering.

Who we are

AQ4 is a Bangalore based software company. We are specializing in a wide variety of digital solutions. We help our customers solve their problem using new edge technology. We specialize in product development and make data driven solution work to achieve business requirements. Our solutions are cloud base and in open stack. We also work closely with our partner network to leverage power of existing solutions.

At AQ4, we follow Agile methodologies and, team collaboration and project management tools to ensure smooth development and delivery. We offer the best quality solutions at an affordable cost. Our wide range of services in areas of supply chain including system integration and data science layer to unleash power of data for the business.

Technology Expertise





In today's fast changing technology and requirements business needs a nimble team to deliver solutions.


We provide Advanced Analytics and Product Engineering services to enable fact based management and drive business decisions.


We bring together highly skilled techies, award-winning data scientists and business professionals to improve decision making and increase competitive advantage.


Our Core vales are trust, innovation, and quality excelence. We focus on building trust with our customers. With our innovative approaches, we constantly look for new ways to achieve our goals effectively.

What defines our team

Shobhit Mathur


Shesha Shah, Ph.D


Domain Focus Areas

  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Accounting
  • Health Care
  • Product Development
  • DevOps & Cloud Server Management
  • ETL
  • Data Visualization
  • Integration
  • Chat Bot
  • Logistic & Supply chain
  • Business Intelligence
  • Test Automation
  • Machine Learning
  • Google Analytics (GTM)

We have an experienced team of developers, designers, project managers and data science specialists who are innovative as well as creative. Our team works closely with our customers while developing their solutions in order to ensure perfect and timely delivery. We strictly follow Agile methodologies, and various team collaboration and project management tools to ensure smooth development and delivery.

Let us talk

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AQ4 is highly experienced in product development. Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. Our focus for 2021 is in Supply Chain have a great set of products build around it. We are also specialized in Data science and bringing technology together.

For our customers at early state of product development life cycle rely on our product engineering expertise. AQ4 also offers end to end support to ISV’s in building a robust product. With our deep consulting and technical expertise, we are trusted partners for platform development, client specific product enhancements and development projects. Our services also cover the post development maintenance and support.

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